Maher: Gingrich Can’t Win Because ‘No One Wants To Look At Him’

Perhaps Bill Maher has a point.  Do you want to look at Newt Gingrich for four years?  And it’s true, the presidency is much more than intellect and ideas;  Americans vote for a personality over policies for president time and again.

When is the last time you’ve saw Newt Gingrich smile as he was answering a question or presenting his viewpoint?

He doesn’t.

Have you noticed how he sinks into a bulldog-like hunch, randomly spewing polysyllabic words in an incoherent array of showmanship, all the while refusing to slow his speech pattern as additional questions and comments are lobbed over his pontification?

I have.  And I think Bill Maher has too.  Watch:

Bill Maher on Hardball with Chris Matthews

Just look at all the trouble he got in for bulldozing his way through Meet the Press:

First the interview.  Then the backlash.  Now he’s apologized.

Newt, baby, where is the charm, the grace, the welcoming presence we look for in our presidential leaders?  Cause if you’re hiding it, grumpy pol, it’s time for an unveiling.  Better make it quick.

Very quick.