Gingrich Blatantly Steals Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ Slogan

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, newly announced candidate for the Republican presidential primary, has launched his official campaign website in a most unusual way: By flat-out ripping off President Obama’s State of the Union slogan.

“Win the Future”-and variations of that slogan-were used eleven times in Obama’s 2012 SOTU speech, followed by numerous articles on its use (such as this one and this one).

Oh Newt, are you embracing more of President Obama’s good ideas?

Newt Gingrich’s 2012 campaign website

Let’s take a closer look:

While this reusing campaign slogans nothing new in American politics, with Newt Gingrich it just feels slimier.

This isn’t a rehashed variation of the words “Change,” “Can,” “Yes,” “America,” “Believe,” it’s a co-opting of the president’s freshest slogan.  And sadly, this usurping fits right in with his brand of in-your-face politics and statements, such as the ones discussed below.

The language of Newt Gingrich

More ways Newt Gingrich likes what Obama has done

Sarah Palin even thinks ‘Win the Future’ is goofy (but I’m sure she’ll love Newt’s version of it)

As previously mentioned, the co-opting and rehashing of campaign slogans is nothing new, there only are so many ways you can generically say ‘pro-America’.  ThisWeek discussed this phenomenon in a recent article:

Slap together some combination of the words “America,” “change,” “can,” “yes,” and “believe,” and chances are you’ve created a presidential slogan from the last 30 years


ThisWeek also put together a great slideshow on past, overlapping campaign slogans.  Here it is as a single image:

Whatever your feelings about Republican presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich, it’s still unbelievable that he would so blatantly steal the president’s new slogan in one hand, and deny he supports the president’s position (health care) in the other; a position he himself has touted numerous times in the past.

This guy has slime written all over him.  Here’s a suggested rewording for his campaign slogan, using time-honored campaign words:

“Can America Believe Newt”

Well can it?