Michelle Obama Addicted to Pizza?

Keith Koffler at the White House Dossier can be a mean-spirited dingbat, but sometimes he’s just goofy enough to quote.  Please observe as follows:

“While leading her “Let’s Move!” campaign to promote healthier eating among our nation’s burgeoning youth, it turns out that Mrs. Obama herself has been sneaking out for . . . pizza!

That’s right, according to the blog Obama Foodorama, Mrs. Obama has visited Capitol Hill’s We The Pizza restaurant four times since becoming first lady, and twice in the last two months. And that’s just the pizza she’s be documented consuming as this one particular place.

According to the website, Michelle’s most recent visit to the establishment was on Saturday night. Her husband stayed home.

Mrs. Obama was also accompanied by a big party of about 15-20 pals and staff, and the group dined upstairs, at a single large table. Multiple pizzas were spotted on the table, and there was much laughter . . .

Of course there was much laughter. There were MULTIPLE PIZZAS on the table. ”

Read on, if you must, here.